Day #1 ~ Monday 27th August 2012

The first session this morning began with a discussion about the week’s personal goals and the songs the group wanted to learn; with a view to perform on the final day of the course.

The class then moved into the garden and basked in the morning sunshine while practising the physical warm up exercises for guitar players. After a session of stretches, the strummers gathered outside the music room for the technique expander class.

This session included:

  • Holding a plectrum
  • RH and LH positioning
  • Correct posture
  • Alternate picking (down – up)
  • Economy picking (down – up – down)
  • LH fretting exercises (fingers 1, 2, 3, 4)

After the morning coffee break all the students restrung their guitars; learning a trusted method of winding the string on to the peg that clamps the string and prevents slippage.

Step by Step Guide

1. Slide the string through the peg hole
2. Place thumb at the seventh fret and allow one thumb length of slack in the string
2. Wind the string anti-clockwise 180 degrees
4. Pull the end of the string upwards and continue winding the string another 180 degrees
5. At this stage be sure to wind the string above the peg hole
6. Continue winding and pass the end of the string below the string
7. Wind the remaining string on to the peg and snip off to length

During the afternoon session the group learned The Who classic ‘Substitute’ before splashing in the pool as the temperature rose to 30°C here in Bercloux.

Intro Riff: “Substitute” by The Who (Pete Townshend)

The riff is made up of triads (3 note chords) with the open D pedal note in the bass. This creates a rich chord texture for the A/D and G/D, synonymous with the powerful Pete Townshend sound of the 60s.

Substitute – The Who